Corporate Wellness Program

Studies show that the majority of people who work 30-50 hours per week spend more time with coworkers than they do with their own families. It’s no wonder the health and wellness habits of the people we work with start to rub off on us after a while. With my corporate wellness programs, I teach you how to create healthy habits for lasting wellness within your entire corporation!

Wellness Menu

Entrees (45-60 minutes)

Be a Fat Detective – Don’t let the ads fool you! All fats are not created equal. The truth about olive oil, peanut butter, 2% milk and other popular foods and beverages may shock you!

Dashboard Dining – From pizza to subs, you don’t have to give up your favorites! Discover fabulous “good for you” choices you can grab in a hurry!

Exercise for Couch Potatoes – For those who HATE exercise… Learn easy activities that rev up metabolism and maximize fat burning even when you are sitting on the couch!

Fighting Back with Fiber – Send in the troops! Discover the powerful, fiber-rich foods that reduce blood cholesterol, control between meal cravings, and even protect against certain cancers!

Healthy Eating for Couch Potatoes – Just because it’s fat-free doesn’t mean you can eat the WHOLE package! Learn tips for calorie and fat budgeting that will help you lose weight and feel great.

Holiday Eating – How to survive the holidays and still fit in your pants! Strategies for socializing without adding pounds.

The Recipe Rambo – Rescue your stomach and thighs with our simple fat slashing tips and luscious recipes.

Why Do I Look Like This? – Baby boomers beware! Your metabolism isn’t what it used to be. Nutrition tips for the “forty-something” crowd.

Ala Carte (2-3 hours)

Supermarket Safari – For weight control, health and vitality! Get the inside scoop on exactly which brand name foods will help you look and feel terrific! Try exciting new products and receive Shop Smart Cards and coupons for healthier foods.

Dining Out: Smart Choices – Are you eating so much poultry you’re beginning to cluck? From fast food to exotic entrees, choose flavorful options like teriyaki beef sticks, shrimp creole, and pork medallions. Health conscious dining will never be boring again!

Cooking Light & Easy – Trim the calories, not the flavor from your favorite recipes. Learn secrets savvy chefs use when replacing high calorie ingredients. Discover healthy dishes that will delight your family and guests.

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