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Cardiovascular Health: Our Cardiovascular Health Regimen is an innovative, one-of-a-kind system. This regimen includes nutraMetrix® Heart Health™ Omega III Fish Oil with Vitamin E, which provides 3,000 mg of the active ingredients EPA and DHA, and is one of the most potent of its kind on the market.

Digestive Health: The Digestive Health Regimen from nutraMetrix® is designed to promote good bowel health, which is essential since the vast majority of nutrients are digested and absorbed through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The digestive health regimen starts with nutraMetrix Isotonix® Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics, which helps replenish the essential enzymes and good bacteria necessary for maximum absorption of nutrients from the food we eat.

Energy and Performance: Active people as well as the elderly often need joint support. The Bone/Joint Health Regimen includes nutraMetrix Isotonix® Calcium Complete and our glucosamine-based nutraMetrix Glucosatrin® to achieve the best bone and joint nourishment.

Blood Glucose Maintenance: This regimen was carefully designed to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Continuously high blood sugar levels may lead to poor circulation, weight gain and other health concerns. Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is important for individuals who want to optimize their overall health and support a healthy weight.

Immune Enhancement Regimen: The Immune Enhancement regimen from nutraMetrix® has been carefully created to provide your immune system with the most advanced and cutting-edge ingredients and formulations available today.

Cognitive Health/Stress Management: The stress of everyday life – whether job-related or personal – can have a negative impact on overall health, especially one’s cognitive function. The nutraMetrix® Cognitive and Stress Management Regimen includes scientifically-supported products to provide comprehensive support for these areas of health. These carefully formulated and cutting-edge nutraceuticals can help support memory enhancement, mood stabilization, neurological health, normal cognitive function and the body’s adaption to stress.

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