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Corine Cicchetti, MD/Michael Cicchetti, MD Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine
Sharon Lawrence is a key resource for Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine. She provides us with educational tools, conducts seminars for our patients, develops specialized protocols when needed, and makes herself available for private consultations. Her expertise and experience is invaluable and her energy and enthusiasm – contagious!

Patricia J Danaher, MD
I have attended many of Sharon’s knowledge packed wellness seminars and learn something new every time! She has a powerful and well received delivery that is chocked full with information yet easy to comprehend. Excellent information for the lay person to the educated medical professional. You won’t be disappointed.

Frederick McAdam, MD Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine
As a nutritional consultant, educator and mentor, Sharon Lawrence gets results! She does it using her vast experience, generous character and abundant energy.  

Robert J Erickson, DO, Inspired Health
Sharon has been incredibly influential in providing our patients and staff with the knowledge in understanding their bodies through integrative nutritional methods. She has such a genuine and dynamic approach to working with people. We are most grateful to have her working as an associate care provider.

Kim Fenter, ND, CHNC
Sharon Lawrence has made life changing differences in my clients’ lives. Her lectures not only educate my clients, but motivate them into action! Thank you, Sharon, for the passion you transfer to every participant!

Steve Caldwell, LMT Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist
With the TLS system and guidance from Sharon Lawrence, I have finally lost the last 10 pounds of stubborn weight I’ve been struggling to lose! Although there are other people in the room, I always feel that Sharon’s words are meant specifically for me. Her wonderful coaching and support has absolutely changed my life!

Ted Frake, Account Executive, Buffalo Planning Group
“What a positive impact your marvelous presentation had on my physical and mental well-being. A year later, I am now 32 pounds lighter, exercising daily and feeling 100% better. Thank you for motivating me to improve myself.”

Steve Buzzelli, Health Promotion Manager, Fisher-Price
“The employee response was very positive and enthusiastic. People were talking about it for days! Much of the success was due to your part in the kick-off program.”

Peter Morris, Long Distance Runner
“With your nutrition tips I learned in this program, I trained better and actually improved my performance during the races.”

Coco Wozniak, Staff Development Administrator, Erie Community College
“Our staff was thrilled with your dynamic seminar. They found it to be entertaining, informative and effective.”

Jane Ann Reukauf, Compliance Manager, Cellular One
“Participants raved about this being the first program to actually help them with their wellness… besides losing unwanted pounds, they are physically and mentally more fit.”

Wayne Nowocin, Manager, National Fuel Gas
“Thank you for the positively inspiring and educational presentations you have conducted for our Management Training Program. A common comment is that the seminars should be offered to ALL employees.”

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